Pharmacy Regulations in Hawaii for Pharmacy Technicians

Becoming a Pharmacy Technician in Hawaii

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Are you looking to pursue a career as a pharmacy technician in Hawaii? Hawaii is known for its tropical climate and stunning landscape, but it also has plenty of opportunities for those interested in a career in the medical field. In this article, we’ll discuss the overview of pharmacy technician careers, the benefits of becoming a pharmacy technician in Hawaii, and the regulations related to working as one.

Overview of Pharmacy Technician Careers

A pharmacy technician is responsible for providing customer service to clients by helping them select and purchase their medication. They work under the supervision of pharmacists to fill prescriptions accurately, package medications properly, and answer any questions patients may have about their medication. They also help keep pharmacies organized by stocking shelves with medications and helping with inventory control.

In order to become a certified pharmacy technician in Hawaii, applicants must pass an exam administered by either the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) or the National Healthcareer Association (NHA). Those who pass these exams are eligible for employment at any state-licensed pharmacy.

Search Pharmacy Technician Programs

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Benefits of Becoming a Pharmacy Technician in Hawaii

Becoming a pharmacy technician in Hawaii offers many benefits including:

  • Competitive wages – The average salary for pharmacy technicians across all states is $32,000 per year.
  • Flexible hours – Many pharmacies offer flexible hours which allow individuals to work part-time or full-time hours depending on their needs.
  • Opportunities for advancement – Experienced technicians may be promoted to supervisory positions or even become certified pharmacists.

Regulations Related to Working as a Pharmacy Technician in Hawaii

The State of Hawaii requires that all individuals seeking licensure as a pharmacy technician must meet certain requirements. These include:

  • Proof of completion of an approved training program or passing an examination administered by either the PTCB or NHA.
  • Submission of fingerprints and proof of criminal background check.
  • Submission of official transcripts from high school or post-secondary institution.
  • Passing an open book test administered by the Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs.

Once these requirements are met, applicants must submit their application for licensure with all necessary documentation and pay applicable fees before they can begin working as a certified pharmacy technician.

As you can see, there are many advantages to becoming a certified pharmacy technician in Hawaii. From competitive wages to flexible hours and opportunities for advancement, this career offers something for everyone! Be sure to read up on all applicable regulations before getting started on your journey towards becoming one!

Education and Training Requirements for Pharmacy Technicians in Hawaii

Are you looking to become a pharmacy technician in Hawaii? The first step is to understand the state’s education and training requirements. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at what it takes to become a certified pharmacy technician in the Aloha State.

Educational Options Available

If you want to pursue a career as a pharmacy technician in Hawaii, there are several educational options available:

• You can attend one of the state’s accredited college or university programs that offer certification courses for pharmacy technicians.
• You can also complete an online program or course offered by an approved provider.
• Finally, you can take a self-study course through the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP).

Each of these options offers different levels of instruction and different lengths of time needed for completion. It’s important to research each option carefully before making your final decision.

Certification Requirements

In addition to completing an educational program, all pharmacy technicians in Hawaii must be certified by either ASHP or the National Healthcareer Association (NHA). To be eligible for certification, applicants must meet certain criteria:

• Complete at least 600 hours of work experience as a pharmacy technician within two years prior to applying for certification
• Pass an exam administered by either ASHP or NHA with a score of 75% or higher
• Have no criminal record related to drug abuse or possession

Once certified, technicians must renew their certifications every two years by completing 20 continuing education credits. These credits may be earned through formal courses, seminars, conferences, online courses, or other activities approved by ASHP or NHA.

With the proper education and training, you can pursue your dream of becoming a pharmacy technician in Hawaii! Make sure you do your research on the various educational options available and make sure you meet all the necessary requirements before applying for certification. Good luck!

Job Roles and Responsibilities of a Pharmacy Technician in Hawaii

Aspiring pharmacy technicians in Hawaii should be familiar with the job roles and responsibilities associated with their profession. Knowing what to expect when working in a pharmacy technician position can help you decide if the role is right for you. This guide will explore the typical work environment, and common tasks that are performed by pharmacy technicians in Hawaii.

Typical Work Environment

Pharmacy technicians typically work in retail pharmacies or hospitals and medical centers. The setting can vary from an independent pharmacy to large chain stores, such as CVS or Walgreens. In most cases, the work environment is fast-paced and requires strong organizational skills. Pharmacy technicians must have excellent customer service skills as they often interact with customers on a daily basis.

Common Tasks Performed by Pharmacy Technicians in Hawaii

Pharmacy technicians perform many different tasks related to preparing medications for patients. Some of these common duties include:

  • Receiving prescriptions from customers or healthcare providers.
  • Verifying prescription information.
  • Filling medication orders accurately.
  • Organizing medications according to manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Assisting customers with questions about their medications.
  • Checking expiration dates on medication bottles.
  • Reconstituting powdered drugs according to label instructions.
  • Packaging medication orders for delivery or pickup by customers.


In addition to preparing medications, pharmacy technicians may also be responsible for maintaining records of patient information, monitoring inventory levels, restocking shelves, managing cash registers, and ensuring compliance with state laws and regulations.

Career Prospects for Pharmacy Technicians in Hawaii

Are you considering a career as a pharmacy technician in the state of Hawaii? If so, you’ll be happy to know that pharmacy technicians are in high demand and can expect a bright future. In this article, we’ll discuss the growth trends of this industry in Hawaii, as well as salary and employment outlooks for pharmacy technicians.

Growth Trends in the Industry

The number of pharmacy technician jobs is expected to grow significantly over the next several years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there were 1,520 pharmacy technicians employed in Hawaii in 2019. This is projected to increase by 12 percent from 2019-2029, which is faster than the average rate of growth for all occupations (4 percent).

Salary and Employment Outlooks for Pharmacy Technicians in Hawaii

The BLS reports that pharmacy technicians earned an average annual wage of $33,720 per year or $16.21 per hour in May 2019. The highest-paid workers earned more than $47,450 annually while those at the lower end made less than $22,910.

In terms of employment outlooks for pharm techs in Hawaii, job opportunities should be plentiful. Job openings should stem from both new job growth and replacement needs due to retirement or relocation. Additionally, many pharmacies are now offering extended hours which can also lead to an increased need for qualified professionals.

Overall, becoming a pharmacy technician can be a great career choice for those living in Hawaii. With steady job growth and competitive salaries available, this profession offers numerous opportunities for individuals looking to enter into this field.

Pharmacy Regulations in Hawaii for Pharmacy Technicians

Are you considering becoming a pharmacy technician in Hawaii? As part of your research, it’s important to be aware of all the regulations and guidelines that come with working as a pharmacy technician. To help, we’ve outlined the licensing requirements and other regulatory guidelines for working as a pharmacy technician in Hawaii.

A. Licensing Requirements to Practice as a Pharmacy Technician in Hawaii

If you’re looking to become a pharmacy technician in Hawaii, there are certain requirements that must be met before being licensed. These include:

  • Being at least 18 years old.
  • Completing an approved program or having equivalent work experience.
  • Submitting an application through the Pharmacy Examining Board.
  • Passing the certification exam.

All applicants must also provide two passport-sized photos, along with their application fee and fingerprint card. Once all the requirements are met, applicants can expect to receive their license within three weeks of submitting their paperwork.

B. Other Regulatory Guidelines for Working as a Pharmacy Technician in Hawaii

In addition to the licensing requirements, there are several other regulations and guidelines that apply when working as a pharmacy technician in Hawaii:

  • Pharmacy technicians must have direct supervision from either a licensed pharmacist or registered intern pharmacist at all times.
  • Pharmacy technicians cannot counsel patients or make any decisions regarding drugs or prescriptions.
  • Pharmacy technicians can only perform tasks that have been delegated to them by a supervising pharmacist.
  • Technicians are required to wear name tags while on duty and they cannot perform duties while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Technicians must keep accurate records of all drug transactions and take appropriate safety measures when handling controlled substances.

    By understanding these regulations and following them closely, pharmacy technicians can ensure they remain compliant with state laws while providing quality care to patients.


    Becoming a pharmacy technician in Hawaii requires careful consideration and knowledge of the state regulations. There are important laws governing the practice of pharmacy technicians, including licensing and renewal requirements, Continuing Education (CE) requirements, scope of practice guidelines, and other regulations related to the profession.

    For those interested in becoming a pharmacy technician in Hawaii, here is what you need to know:

    • You must be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or GED.
    • You must pass an exam approved by the Board of Pharmacy.
    • You must obtain a valid license from the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs.
    • You must complete 16 hours of continuing education every two years.
    • You must follow all applicable state laws regarding drug distribution and dispensing.

    By understanding and following these regulations, aspiring pharmacy technicians can ensure that they are providing safe and effective care to their patients. Taking the time to familiarize yourself with the laws surrounding this profession will help you provide quality healthcare services throughout your career.